Social Development Center SUS

User driven social innovation; that is what drives Social Development Centre SUS’ work in creating better conditions of life for socially vulnerable people. SUS is an independent nonprofit consultancy.

Social Development Centre SUS is an incubator for social innovation and social inventions. We develop and carry through projects and initiatives directed at creating better terms of life for the socially vulnerable and a positive environment for the employees.

We focus on new methods, multi-agency activity and user influence and we implement play as a creative pivotal point in processes and projects.

SUS is an independent non-profit organization. We cooperate with organizations, municipalities, government departments and foundations, nationally and abroad.

Our focal areas

Our main focal areas are:
• Mentally vulnerable people
In many of our projects focus is on enhancing conditions of life for people with mental health problems, in their everyday life, their residence and their work place. Furthermore, we also occupy ourselves with the relationship between employees and citizens.

• People with disabilities
A particular area of focus is communication technology directed at people with decreased physical and mental functionality. Another focus area is the prevention of sexual abuse against disabled people.

• Abuse and homelessness
We have conducted several projects for people dealing with dual diagnosis – i.e. abuse and mental disorder. We facilitate a network for knowledge sharing for professionals working with socially vulnerable Greenlanders in Denmark. Another initiative is the City Village; an inclusive environment where former homeless people and more resourceful Danes will be living side by side.

• Socially vulnerable children and adolescents
For a number of years we have put particular focus on children as relatives. Amongst other things we host a national network for employees working with children and adolescents with a mother or father suffering from a mental illness.

• Civil society and voluntariness
We occupy ourselves with facilitating cooperation between professionals and volunteers in terms of coming up with new social solutions benefiting the socially vulnerable.

• Coordinated process
Coordination and a holistic view in working with socially vulnerable people are important aspects in our work. We work together with municipalities in developing standards for cooperation and coordination.

• Social IT
For a number of years we have been working together with housing offers, IT companies and research institutes in developing and testing communication technologies and social media directed at people with physical and mental disabilities.

• Psychological working environment
The psychological working environment is core to our work at SUS. We put particular focus on what can be done in order to handle violence and threats at the workplace and on the social- and health area. Social solutions that makes a difference

Our services

At SUS we have specialized ourselves in coming up with social solutions. Our starting points are proficiency in special knowledge, broad analytical approach to problems, inventiveness and broad communication.

• Method development and innovation
Method development and social innovation are focal points in most of SUS’ projects and initiatives. We focus on new methods for working with socially vulnerable people and work intensively together with users, employees and leaders in municipalities, organizations and institutions.

The purpose is always to create permanent changes for the users. Therefore, we occupy ourselves with ensuring that the methods we develop are in fact implemented and put into practice.

• Evaluation and analysis
SUS carries out evaluations of different scopes – all with focus on both process and effect. We map knowledge and analyze professional initiatives directed at socially vulnerable people.

Our evaluations often contribute with new knowledge, challenges and needs. When evaluating we focus on refining a method or area and gladly offer our recommendations in this regard.

When we evaluate or map an area we always focus on user involvement. SUS has developed the evaluation method KUBI – a method focusing on quality development through user influence – and the user influence index BINDEX.

• Process and network
We provide process support to municipalities and organizations that develop new methods in working with socially vulnerable children and adults. We tailor living processes that bring progress and change for socially vulnerable people.

We unite employees in a cross national, interdisciplinary network sector – with the purpose of developing and sharing knowledge and experiences.

• Communication and counseling
We offer advice to municipalities and organizations on how they can implement methods and processes and thereby enhance the conditions for socially vulnerable people. Furthermore, we offer professional advice based on our particular areas of focus.

Furthermore, SUS is part of a committee of experts set up by ministers.

We communicate widely within our areas of expertise.

Our collaborators

SUS solves tasks for a broad network consisting of public, private and volunteer actors including organizations, institutions, municipalities, agencies, ministries and foundations. We also work together with institutions and organizations outside of Denmark.