Social Development Center SUS

User driven social innovation; that is what drives Social Development Centre SUS’ work in creating better conditions of life for socially vulnerable people. SUS is an independent nonprofit consultancy.

Changes leading to a better quality of life

SUS exists to improve the world. By working closely together with citizens and professionals, we develop new, strong social solutions.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for people who need an extra hand. For example, people struggling with physical or cognitive disabilities, mental illness, homelessness or substance abuse.

Our approaches and strategies vary, but we always strive to create lasting changes for the affected groups by strengthening the quality and efficiency of the systems surrounding them.

We work across different disciplines and sectors and involve both citizens and professionals in engaging and developing processes. We create results by combining knowledge on what works with a strong curiosity and the courage to experiment.

Social Development Centre SUS is a social consultancy organised as an independent non-profit organisation. We cooperate with a broad network of organisations, municipalities, ministries and foundations.

Our main areas of work

User influence: We aim to make the citizen the focal point for initiatives and solutions, rather than initiatives and solutions being the focal point for what citizens are offered.

  • Sustainable neighbourhoods: We strive to enhance the well-being of residents in socially vulnerable areas and create sustainable and including neighbourhoods.
  • Collective impact: We bring together actors from different sectors and representing different interests to find sustainable and lasting solutions to complex societal issues.
  • Preventive work and early interventions: We collaborate on preventive and early interventions that strengthen the well-being of children, young people and adults alike.
  • Volunteering and co-creation: We support the cooperation of citizens, professionals and volunteers in order to create innovative social solutions.
  • Violence and conflicts in the workplace: We help professionals in the social and health sectors to prevent and deal with conflicts or violence in the workplace.
  • Relational welfare: We focus on the importance of relations in the cooperation between citizens and professionals – and the way systems can influence such relations.
  • Social IT: We help municipalities and social housing by developing and implementing social IT that supports communication and networking as well as playing and learning.
  • Social experiments: We are interested in social experiments where new initiatives and methods are tried out, evaluated and adjusted before being implemented on a large scale.

What we offer

User driven social innovation is the focal point of our work. We are specialised in developing social solutions that create better living conditions for people who struggle with their situation.

We have more than 20 years of experience in developing social solutions for the benefit of people in vulnerable positions – in close cooperation with citizens and professionals. We solve tasks for and work together with organisations, municipalities, ministries and foundations.

Our services include:

  • Idea generation, co-creation and scaling
  • The development and implementation of new methods
  • Innovative analysis and evaluation
  • Process support and facilitation
  • Counselling and strategy development